Beauty X
Loret Mock

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I got this idea of an X-Files/Beauty and The Beast cross over.  I hear 
it's been done, but I just couldn't help myself.  BTW, I have never been 
to New York (or Washington DC) so forgive any messes I make.  PLEASE!  
This story has mild language, but nothing you haven't heard before.

Beauty X 
By Loret Mock

August 7, 1995
J. Edgar Hoover Building; Basement
8:00 a.m.

"Morning Mulder," Agent Dana Scully said as she walked into the 
basement office early one Monday morning.  It was another hot day in 
August, and even though it was only 8:00 in the morning, Scully's glance 
at her partner told her he had been there for a while.  He had that 
droopy, wilted look about him, but where anyone else would be short 
tempered in this kind of heat, Agent Fox Mulder was still mild, and easy 

"Scully, what are your views on The Lost City of Atlantis?"

Scully, on her way to her computer stopped and looked at him.  "I 
haven't even had a cup of coffee yet today," she said rolling her eyes to 
the ceiling.

"It's too hot for coffee, and besides, I've noticed you get 
rather uptight when you have too much caffeine."

"Why are we having this discussion first thing on a Monday 

"You can't have a discussion if the other person won't answer 
your questions," Mulder grumbled good naturedly.

Scully plopped down into her chair and glared at him.  "The Lost 
City of Atlantis... I know practically nothing about it, but I think I 
keep getting it confused with King Neptune, and all those mermaids.  

"Just curious," Mulder grinned.  Scully looked around for 
something to throw.  Mulder stood and headed for the door.

"Where are you going now?"  Scully asked.

"Skinner called just before you got here, looks like we have a 
new case."

"An X-File?  Does it have anything to do with underwater 
islands?"  Scully asked swivelling to face him in her chair.

"Don't know yet," Mulder said walking out the door, then stuck 
his head back in, "But I wouldn't break out the bathing suit just yet."

Scully shook her head, and got to work.

Mulder was gone for most of the morning, and Scully was beginning 
to think that he had gone to rent scuba equipment when he walked back 
into the office just before lunch carrying a big stack of files.

"Our paper work coming back to haunt us?"  Scully quipped.

Mulder with uncharacteristic care set the files in his chair, but 
before Scully could wonder at his unusual display of gentleness, he 
started shoving things off his desk to make room for the new stack.

"Mulder, you're building a fire hazard," she said watching paper 
trickle to the floor.

"What do you think of New York?"  He asked her.

"It's not as nice as DC in August.  Is that what this is all 
about?"  She gestured to the mess he was making.

"What we have here," he said transferring the files from his 
chair to his now surprisingly clear desk, "is a series of unsolved 
homicide cases occurring in New York City over the last nine years, with 
the most recent last night.  The frequency in the killings have decreased 
in the last three years, but each victim dies in the same manner."

"What's so special about them that they need *our* talents?"  
Scully asked dryly.  Mulder handed her the most recent autopsy report and 
a crime scene photo.

Scully hated it when he was so cloak and dagger, and for 
immediate answers looked at the photo.  It looked, at first glance, that 
the victims were manipulated by a razor blade, but as she skimmed the 
autopsy report, she quirked an eyebrow in disbelief.  "Mauled by a 
lion?"  She looked at Mulder who was watching her intently.  "Do I even 
dare to ask what you think did this?"

"Let's just say that I have no opinion at the moment, what do you 

"Well from what little you've told me, I would say some one with 
an interesting array of weaponry.  Kinda like Freddy Krugar's glove.  
Animals don't usually turn into serial killers."

"Read the autopsy report again," he told her.

"I didn't read it the first time, just glanced through it," she 
said, silently cursing his eidetic memory.

"Hair, that appears more animal than human were found *in* the 
wounds, claw marks on the bones, torn flesh, heavy bruising and 
bleeding.  Okay, nine years, and... about twenty files," she said sizing 
up the pile, "what's the connection?"

"I thought you would never ask that!"

"Mulder," Scully said totally exasperated with him and reaching 
for her gun, "I am going to shoot you if you don't start talking and 
don't stop until you tell me everything about this case."

"Alright, alright," Mulder said getting serious for the first time
that Scully knew of that morning.  He folded his six foot four frame into
the chair behind his desk, pulled out a pad with hand written notes on it
and swiveled to face her.  "All the victims were male, most with long ugly
records.  The fact that they were all male, the wounds inflicted on them,
and they were all criminals, are the three consistent facts in each case." 
Mulder looked at Scully, her brow was furrowed in concentration.  He
continued.  "This morning as I went through each file, and ran a check
through the computer at Quantico, one name came up several times, maybe
not enough for the police to make a connection..."

"But more than once is enough for Agent Mulder," Scully smiled at 
her partner.  "Who's name?"

"Catherine Chandler.  She was an attorney with the DA's office." 


"She died five years ago.  The fact's surrounding her death were 
unusual.  The woman get's kidnapped, and is missing for six months.  Then 
she reappears in her apartment, dead, but was killed somewhere else.  Her 
apartment was on the seventeenth floor, but on one saw or heard any 

"New York hasn't changed much," Scully muttered to herself.

"That's just the thing, there's a doorman, and elevator operator, 
it was a high security building, and no one saw a thing."  Mulder was 
quiet for a minute, lost in thought.  "The autopsy showed that she gave 
birth just before she died.  It appears that whoever kidnapped her kept 
her alive long enough to keep the baby, then killed her.  Cause of death 
was listed as an overdose of morphine."

"Was that case ever solved?"  Scully asked feeling sympathy for 
this woman.

"Sort of; the Detective in charge of the investigation into her 
death was Diana Bennett."  Mulder's mood brightened a little as he 
related to Scully what he had learned of this woman.  "Detective Bennett 
is with Unit 210, Special Crimes of the NYPD.  She only ever works one 
case at a time, she has a special gift for getting her cases solved.  It 
seems that she is able to get into the minds of her suspects, and 
understand how they think.  She has a high success rate.  She was brought 
onto the case by then Deputy DA Joe Maxwell, who was on suspension.  It 
appears he was too close to act objectively."

"Was the case ever solved?"  Scully said again a little more 
sharply than she intended.  Her brow furrowed again in confusion, not 
understanding the unidentified emotion she was feeling.

Mulder looked over at her quickly, then continued.  "The 
kidnapper/murderer was a man named Gabriel.  He was found dead in the 
baby nursery of his home, cause of death:  a gunshot wound to his chest.  
He also had three deep gashes on the left side of his face.  Diana 
Bennett pulled the trigger.  These killings stopped in October of 1989, 
but began occurring over a year later once in a while.  Again no pattern, 
especially with Catherine Chandler dead.  But now the name that ties some 
of them together is Diana Bennett."

"The plot thickens," Scully quipped.  "So now it's on to New York?"

"We leave at six tonight."

August 8, 1995
Whittaker Inn; 9:12 a.m.

"You have a couple of choices on what you want to do first, we 
can see Bennett or Maxwell.  For some reason the body is unavailable for 
autopsy until tomorrow."  Mulder said the next morning after they had 
breakfast in the hotel coffee shop, and were strolling back through the 

"Why Maxwell?"  Scully asked.

"Didn't you do your homework Scully?"  Mulder teased.

"Well if you weren't in such a damn hurry to get here, maybe I 
would have had time to go through all the files plus do a background 
check on all the people involved," she snapped.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think of that, or I would have given you my 
notes," he said beginning to be very concerned.

"I can't read you handwriting anyway," she said with a small 
smile, and giving herself a mental shake.  Snap out of it Scully, you 
have a job to do.

"Joe Maxwell is now the District Attorney, the former one, John
Marino, was killed by our unknow assailant, during the investigation of
the Chandler case.  It seems that he was dirty and on Gabriel's payroll." 

"Then let's go see Joe Maxwell," Scully said as they got to their 
rental car.

DA's Office
9:48 a.m.

"I'm Special Agent Scully, and this is Special Agent Mulder, 
we're with the FBI."

"Have a seat," he said after they flashed him their credentials.  
Joe Maxwell was in his thirties, with curly dark brown hair and a usually 
friendly face.  "What can I do for you?"

"We understand that there have been a series of killings over the 
past nine years that have gone unsolved.  There have been more than 
twenty deaths," Scully stated.

Joe frowned, "So why are you here instead of at the police

"We were there yesterday after we flew in," Scully said.  " The
reason we're here is because over a third of these cases were tied to a
former employee of this office.  Catherine Chandler."  Mulder let his
partner do the talking.

Joe's frown deepened and his grip on his pen tightened visibly.  
It was still hard for him to think about Cathy, and what happened.  
"Catherine Chandler died six years ago."

"We know that," Mulder put in, "but the killings started eight 
months after Ms. Chandler started working of this office, you were her 
boss then.  John Marino's death was also linked to the killer and Ms. 
Chandler's death."

"I remember what happened," Joe snapped, he took a minute to calm 
himself down.  "So why bring all this up again?  Now?"

"That many deaths, all with the same MO, is usually classified as 
a serial killer," Scully said.  "The most recent killing occurred two 
days ago, that and the fact that they have gone unsolved for so long 
caught the Bureau's attention."

"We intend to talk with Diana Bennett," Mulder said when Joe gave 
no response.  This got a small reaction.

"She solved Cathy's murder," Joe said quietly.

"Mostly," Scully said.  She had read the file on Catherine 
Chandler carefully, and was moved by how hard the last ten years of her 
life had been.  "That case got pretty messy."

"I remember," Joe said again.  "But unless you have some specific 
questions for me I don't see how I can help you."

"Do you know who has been committing these murders?"  Mulder asked.

"If I did, he would be in jail," Joe said.  He suddenly had a 
very bad headache.

"We have reason to believe that Ms. Chandler knew who the killer 
was," Mulder said.  "If you think of anything that might help, call us."  
He handed Joe a card with the hotel name and number as well as their cel
phone numbers.

"Well that was a bust," Mulder said once they were back in their 
rental car, and on their way to see Diana Bennett.

Scully remained silent staring absently out the window.

"Is there something about this case that bothers you?"  Mulder 
asked finally.

Scully looked at him startled, "What?  Oh, you mean besides the 

"You just seem to be acting funny," Mulder shrugged.

"I'm fine."

Mulder let it drop and they drove the rest of the way to 
Detective Bennett's loft in silence.

Diana buzzed the two FBI agents in, and waited impatiently for 
the elevator to reach the fifth floor.  The elevator opened directly into 
her living room, but that was what a *loft* was, one room with some 
cleverly constructed walls to enclose her bedroom.

Mulder pulled one of the gates of the freight elevator open and 
the other one was opened by who he assumed was Diana Bennett.  She was a 
beautiful woman with long red hair, ivory skin, and large blue eyes.  She 
was of medium build, and came up to his chin.  Mulder was staring.  He 
pulled his identification out of his pocket and flashed it for her.

"I'm Special Agent Mulder, and this," he stepped aside is 
Special Agent Scully.  We'd like to talk to you about some apparent 
serial murders, may we come in?"

Diana had compressed her lips into a thin line, then relaxed as 
she stepped aside to let the two agents off the lift.  "Now why would you 
want to talk to me about it?"  She asked leading the way to the couch and 
motioning for them to sit.  She curled up in a chair across from them.  
"I haven't investigated any of those cases."

Scully looked discreetly around the loft while her partner laid 
out the facts that they had gathered.  The area that interested her the 
most was where Detective Bennett's computer was located.  There was a 
computer desk with papers stacked haphazardly, and a set of curtains 
drawn closed on a wall, that obviously had no window behind it.  When 
Mulder said she had a special relationship with the police station, he 
wasn't kidding, it looked like she worked out of her home.  She tuned 
back into what Mulder was saying.

" since you headed up the investigation of Ms. Chandler's 
death, we were hoping you could help us catch this monster."

Scully glanced at him quickly, was he actually asking her to join 
them in their investigation?  Indignation welled up in her.

"Agent Mulder, when I conclude an investigation, I do my best to 
completely separate myself from the trauma.  If I don't I'll go crazy.  
This is a lesson that I learned very early on in my career.  To be frank, 
I don't remember much about that case.  It happened a long time ago, and 
I have my hands full with another investigation right now, and the clock 
is counting down on it."

"Several people died in the course of your investigation of 
Catherine's death, directly linked to the murderer," Scully said.  
"Didn't you check that out?"

"The person who killed those men, was not the man--Gabriel, who 
kidnapped and killed Cathy Chandler.  It wasn't my case, so no I didn't 
'check it out'," Diana kept her voice even, but her gut was clenching 
in something she refused to call fear.  She suspected that there was 
something different about the way these two agents worked, but had no 
idea what it was.

"Through our research, we found out that a few of your cases ended 
in the deaths of your suspects, all killed in the same manner.  Like they 
were mauled by a lion," Scully said gauging her reaction.

"And you think this was done by the same person?"

"Quite a coincidence, wouldn't you say?"  She pressed.

"You don't seem to understand how it is that I work.  I take on 
one case at a time.  Once I loose my suspect, for me the case is over.  
It gets handed over to someone else should something happen to that 
suspect.  After that I have no more contact with that case, I move on."  
Diana realized that she was beginning to loose her composure.  "I don't 
mean to be rude or uncooperative, but a little girl is depending on me to 
find her, so if we're finished here, I should get back to work."

Oh oh, Scully thought.

"How old is she?"  Mulder asked, his face losing a little of it's 

"Nine years old," Diana said standing up, and I'm losing time 
just sitting here."

"If you think of anything that might help us, give us a call," 
Scully said handing her a card.  "We'll be in New York for a while it looks."

Once the FBI agents were gone, Diana scribbled a note and left 
her loft.  Several blocks away she donated some cash to a street player 
as she passed by.  There was some white paper sticking out of the folded 
bill she dropped in the case.

Whittaker Inn
12:30 p.m.

"Well this case is going no where fast."  Scully collapsed 
dejectedly into the only chair of her small hotel room.  "So what do you 
think of your Detective Bennett now?"

"What do you mean *my* Detective Bennett?"  Mulder looked at her, 
then his face lit up.  "Are you *jealous*?"

"Jealous of what?"  Scully asked, the color creeping up in her 
face.  "My *partner* admiring some pretty detective, who isn't completely 
honest with us?"

"I thought she was really beauti..." he trailed off seeing storm 
clouds begin to form over Scully's head.  "She was okay, if you like that 
big eyed red headed type.  I hear they have awesome tempers."

"Just keep digging that grave Mulder," Scully warned as the phone 
began to ring.  She snapped it up, "Scully."

"Agent Scully, this is Joe Maxwell."

"Mr. Maxwell, what can I do for you?"

"For starters, you can call me Joe, but the reason I'm calling is 
an old friend of Cathy's; uh Ms. Chandler's, stopped in to see me today.  
Funny isn't it?  I hadn't seen her in months, anyway, I thought maybe you 
would want to talk to her.  Her name is Jenny Arinson."

Scully grabbed a pen and wrote down Jenny's name and phone 
number.  "Thank you Joe, you saved me alot of digging.  I'll be in 
touch."  She hung up the phone, and looked at Mulder.

"What.  Is he sending a backhoe?"

She resisted the urge to whip the pen at him.  "No, he just gave 
us our first lead of the day.  An old friend of Catherine's.  She might 
be able to tell us something."

"Why don't you go see her," Mulder said.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to check with the officers that Diana's cases were 
passed to."

Scully made arrangements to meet with Jenny that afternoon in her 
office.  She flashed the secretary her credentials upon arrival at the 
book publishing firm where Jenny worked.  Jenny came out to meet her.  
She was a petite, fragile looking woman with fine features, and stylish, 
short brown hair.

"Agent Scully," she shook Dana's hand, "we can talk in my office."

Once they were seated Scully began what she was starting to think 
of as a standard disclaimer.  "Is there anything you can tell me that 
might link Catherine with this person?"

"God, I can't believe that Cathy even knew such a horrible 
person."  Jenny said shaking her head.

"Well there are some unusual contributing factors.  We have 
reason to believe that Ms. Chandler knew this person, and he never harmed 

Scully consulted her notes.  "Did you know that just before 
Catherine died, she gave birth to a child?"

Jenny nodded sadly, "Joe told me.  Why do you ask?"

"Well whoever killed her apparently kept her alive long enough to 
get the baby.  The logical assumption would be the father, do you know 
who he was?"

"Cathy was seeing a man for about the last two years of her 
life," Jenny's face was a mask of concentration, "I never met him, but I 
think his name was... Vincent.  Yes that was it."

"No last name?"  Scully asked.

"I don't remember one, didn't Joe mention him to you?"

"No he didn't, do you know where I could find Vincent?"  Scully 
asked, writing his name down.

"I don't know, like I said, I never met him, you might try Joe again."

"I will, thank you Ms. Arinson, you've been very helpful."

Scully checked her watch, if she hurried she should be able to 
catch Joe Maxwell before he left his office.

Scully rapped on his office door.  "Come in," Joe barked.

"Working late?"  She asked as she walked in.

"Agent Scully, long time no see."

Scully winced at the old cliche and smiled slightly.  "I spoke 
with Ms. Arinson, and she mentioned a name, I thought I would run it by 
you.  Did you know a man Catherine was seeing, his name was Vincent."  
Scully stopped when she saw the flash of pain in his eyes.  It looked 
like he felt more than friendship towards his former co-worker.  An 
annoying thought started to nag it's way into her brain, but she pushed 
it away.

"I remember this Vincent."

"Do you know where I can find him?"

"No one does."

"Excuse me?"

"When Cathy died, Diana was looking for Vincent, she had this wild 
theory for a time that he was her protector, and some how knew when she 
was in trouble and would come to rescue her."  He gave a bitter laugh, 
"If that were true, then she would still be alive today, as far as I 
know, no one ever found him."

"Thanks again Joe," Scully said heading out the door once again.  
"Oh, one question, did they ever find her baby?"

"No," Joe said softly, "Gabriel was dead in the nursery, but it 
was empty."

Scully nodded and left quietly leaving Joe to his thoughts.

Here's part two.  Standard disclaimer; CC, Fox, 10/13; as well as Ron
Koslow, Republican pictures, and anything else I might have forgotten.

Beauty X 2/2

By Loret Mock


Central Park
10:50 p.m.

It was dark by the time Diana made her way down through Central
Park, into the drainage tunnel.  He was waiting for her.

"Your note said it was urgent," a deep smooth voice said quietly.

"I had a visit today from two FBI agents, they are looking into
some unusual deaths that have occurred in the city over the last ten
years," Diana said with carefully chosen words.

She didn't have to elaborate, he knew what she was talking
about.  "Why now?"  He asked moving deeper into the shadows.

"Probably because of the last time you saved my life.  It made
the papers, even though I tried to keep it out.  It caught someone's
attention.  I'm worried Vincent," she said sighing heavily.  "This on top
of Sandy Cooper's kidnapping is almost too much."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"  He asked, his deep voice
rumbling in his chest.

Diana smiled warmly at him, "I think you had better keep a low
profile until they leave for DC.  There's something different about these
two, I don't know what, but I don't want to take any chances with yours
or Jacob's safety."

At the mention of his son, Vincent stood a little taller, "How
much do they know?"

"Nothing about you as far as I know, I did my best with the files
six years ago, but..." she didn't want to continue, but he must know what
was happening if he was to stay safe.  "They are talking to everybody.
Someone might remember your name."

Vincent put his hand on her shoulder for reassurance, the
moonlight glinting off some very lethal looking nails.  Diana covered it
with her own.  "How is Jacob?"

Vincent smiled, knowing there was nothing else she could tell him
or do for him for the time being, "He's fine, and rowdy as any six year
old.  He keeps asking for his Diana."

She smiled, "Tell him I'll be down to see him as soon as I can
get away.  I'd better go, I'll be in touch as soon as I know anything
more."  Diana gave his hand a squeeze, and swiftly made her way out of
the tunnel back to the park.

"Don't you know it's dangerous to walk in Central Park after dark?"

Diana spun around her hand automatically drawing her gun.

"Woah," Mulder raised his hands.

"I guess no one told you not to sneak up on people in Central
Park," Diana said holstering her gun.  "A little late for a stroll isn't it?"

"I could say the same of you," Mulder said barely containing his
curiosity.  He had followed Diana into the park from three blocks away,
where he was waiting outside her apartment, but lost her when she cut
through the park, but after a few minutes of unsuccessful speculating,
she had reappeared.  A movement out of the corner of his eye caught his
attention, but when he looked at it, there wasn't anything there.  "An
illicit tryst?  A secret rendezvous?"

Diana's insides churned at his very close guesses, but managed to
maintain her outward calm.  "Where is your partner Agent Mulder?"

Mulder smiled dryly at her refusal to tell him what she had been
doing.  "Oh she's chasing down a useless lead or two."  He fell in step
with her as she headed back to her apartment.

"Isn't your hotel on the other side of town Agent?"  Diana
asked.  To anyone who didn't know her, that statement would come across
as rude, but Diana was blunt by nature.

"I just wanted to ask you a couple more questions," Mulder smiled
his best smile for her.

"It's late, and I'm exhausted, you have my number, call me
tomorrow," Diana snapped feeling a twinge of regret as Mulder's smile
immediately disappeared.  "I'm sorry, it's just been a very long day."

"I understand.  If you promise to stay out of the park, I'll
leave you alone until tomorrow."

Diana feeling very jumpy, nodded and practically ran home.

Whittaker Inn
11:25 p.m.

Mulder knocked softly at Scully's hotel room door, not wanting to
wake her up if she was asleep.  He heard movement inside, and the door
jerked open.

"Where were you?"  She snapped.  "How long does it take to check
with a couple of officers?"  She looked at his surprised face and turned
away, walking towards the bed and sitting down.  "I'm sorry, I guess I'm
just tired."

"I should have left a message for you at the desk, I know how
worried we get about each other on cases like this."  He closed the door
quietly, thinking about how many times bad things have happened to them
when they had been separated.

Scully nodded, and went to the table that had her laptop on it
along with her notes.  "I talked to Jenny Arinson, she told me that
Catherine was seeing a man named Vincent for the last two years of her
life.  I also talked to Joe Maxwell again, he said that Diana Bennett had
this theory about Vincent, that he was her protector, and knew when she
was in trouble.  Funny that she never mentioned this man."

"Well we never asked her about Ms. Chandler's personal life,"
Mulder felt a need to defend her some how.

Scully ignored him, "We should talk to her again tomorrow.  I
have this feeling that if we find Vincent, we find our killer."

"What's that, woman's intuition?" Mulder grinned.

Scully glared at him, "I don't knock your hunches."  Mulder
snorted in disbelief.  "That often," she amended.

"I keep getting the impression that you think Diana's the bad guy
in all this," Mulder said.

"Why are you so sure she isn't?"  Scully challenged.

"My form of woman's intuition?"

Scully smiled, "Go to bed, I'll see you in the morning."


Scully and Mulder had to split up once again.  The body was
finally available for autopsy, and Detective Bennett was only available
for questions that morning.  Scully had won the coin toss and was on her
way to the coroner's office in their rental car, and Mulder was meeting
Bennett via taxi.

On the sidewalk in front of Detective Bennett's, Mulder was late,
he was looking up at the building, and was brought back to reality in a
hurry as someone crashed into him.  He instinctively grabbed ahold of the
person, and looked at them.

"Detective Bennett, where are you going in such a rush?"

Diana's head flew back to look up at Mulder's face.  She was
distracted by his close proximity, and iron grip on her arms supporting
her so she wouldn't fall from the force of the collision.  "Agent
Mulder," she said as she regained her balance, and stepped away from
him.  Mulder released her arms.  "I tried to reach you at your hotel, but
you had already left."

"What for?"

"I have to go, I got a lead on my suspect."

"I'll go with you," Mulder said.

"That won't be necessary Agent," Diana said walking past him to
her car.  "I'll be meeting my back up at the scene."

"We can talk in the car on the way," Mulder said ignoring her.

"Agent Mulder, I don't need this right now.  I have to leave, and
I have to concentrate, without you distracting me with questions."

"I wont say a word until you're done," Mulder promised.

Annoyed with his persistence, Diana relented, if only to get on
with things.  "Get in the car."

They drove with flashing lights and much speed through the
traffic out of the city.  Mulder was glad he didn't have to manouver the
car through the heavy traffic.  Diana did it expertly.

"You can relax now," she said once they were away from most of
the traffic.

"I'm fine," Mulder lied.

"Yeah?  Well try to pry your fingers loose from the dash board,"
she gestured to his white knuckled grip.  He smiled dryly, and relaxed
visibly against the seat.  "Where are we going anyway?"

"There's an old abandoned warehouse a few miles out of the city,
I believe that's where my suspect is holding the victim."  At least I hope
he is still holding her, she added silently, and pressed a little harder
on the gas.

Diana turned off her police light way before she approached the

"Look's like we beat everyone here," Mulder said.

"Damn it!"  Diana sat for a moment.  "I can't wait for them, time
is of the essence here."  She got out of the car; Mulder followed.

Drawing her gun, she looked at Mulder.  "Do me a favour Agent,
tell my back up that I'm going to check things out."

"You're not going in there alone," he said.

"I never said I was going in."

"You didn't have to.  I'm going with you."  Diana opened her
mouth to argue.  "Time is of the essence; remember?"  He said drawing his
own gun.

Tight lipped Diana led the way.

August 9, 1995
ME's office

Scully stripped off her gloves and gown, rotating her stiff
neck.  She had finally finished the post mortem on the victim, and was
glad.  She had never seen anything quite like this before.  She had sent
the samples to the lab, and wouldn't have the results at the earliest
tonight, but more realistically tomorrow.

"Agent Scully."

Dana turned to see one of the young male trainee's approaching
her.  She kept her irritation to herself, the only thing she wanted to do
was get out of there.  But some how, she got roped into letting trainees
observe her preforming the autopsy.

"I just wanted to thank you for letting us watch today.  It was a
real treat to see a pro in action."

Scully just managed to refrain from rolling her eyes, she wasn't
in the mood to be hit on by someone so obvious.  "Surely that wasn't the
first time you have attended an autopsy, I'm sure your professor would
concur," she said glancing over his shoulder to Dr. Evers who was coming
up behind his student.  He was a tall man in his early forties with
fashionably cut light brown hair, and a commanding presence.

"Yes, well our prof is hardly as lovely to watch as you," he oozed
and offered his hand to her, "we haven't been properly introduced, Jay

"Dr. Evers clamped a strong hand on his shoulder, "Well next time
I'll be sure to wear my best lab coat just for you.  Now stop bothering
Agent Scully and find the rest of you classmates," he instructed.

Jay slunk off as Scully smiled at Dr. Evers, "Thanks," she said
as they walked to the front desk.

"Actually I wanted to talk you for letting my class observe, I
realize you're in the middle of an investigation."

"It was no problem," she said politely as they arrived at the
front desk, and she inquired about her messages.

"No Agent Scully, there aren't any messages for you."

"Are you sure?"  She asked, Mulder should have had something to
report by now.

"Positive," the receptionist gave her a *look*.

"Were you expecting a call?"  Evers asked as Scully grabbed her
cellular and punched Mulder's number.

"My partner," she said absently listening to the phone ring.

Scully paced a little waiting for Mulder to pick up.  When she
received no answer she dialled the police station.  "This is Agent
Scully, I'm trying to locate Agent Mulder, has anyone seen him?"  She
turned her back on Evers as she listened to the officer on the other end
of the line.  "He's WHAT?  Where?"  She listened for a moment, "With no
back up?  Shit!  I'm on my way," she started for the door.

"Do you need a ride Agent?"  Dr. Evers called after her.

She stopped abruptly, and turned to face him, "No, I have a car,
I have to go," and kill my partner, she added silently, and practically
ran for her car.

Three miles outside New York City
11:45 a.m.

Mulder and Diana circled the warehouse from a distance first,
they found a car parked behind it away from the main road.  "Looks like
somebody's home," Mulder remarked.

"I need to get closer," Diana said.

"You mean *we*."

"One is less conspicuous," she argued.

"Is there a specific reason you don't want me with you?"  Mulder

Diana clenched her jaw in frustration.  She didn't expect to see
Vincent here, but half the time he appeared out of no where, and it was a
chance she didn't want to take.  "Someone has to wait for the backup,"
she said, desperately grasping at straws.

"They'll know where to look," he said staring her down.

"Let's go," she said tightly.

Staying low, they sprinted across the open area to the door of
the warehouse.  "You going to tell me what this guy looks like so I don't
shoot the wrong person?"  Mulder asked checking his clip.  He knew they
were going in, even though she hadn't said anything about it yet.

Diana gave him a swift description of the suspect while checking
her own gun.

"How do you want to do this?"  Mulder asked in a low voice,
thinking for a moment about Scully, and how easy this always was with
her, and their unspoken communication, and also realizing with a pang
of guilt, that he hadn't called her to let her know what was happening.

"We go in quiet, I don't want to scare him into harming the
girl."  If he hasn't already, she added silently.  After finding the door
locked, no surprise there, she set to work picking it.

"I see you've had a squeaky clean childhood," Mulder quipped.

Diana couldn't help the smile as she heard the tumbler click.

Mulder nodded, she went in first.

A Freeway
11:30 a.m.

Scully was thanking God that she had spent a period of time in
New York as a teenager, and therefore was able to plot out the fastest
route to get to where Mulder and Detective Bennett were.  They had no
back up, and none was forthcoming since that demonstration got out of
hand across the city; except for her.  Rush hour was over and that she
was managing to weave in and out of the light traffic on the freeway at a
very scary speed.  Of course there's never a cop around when you need one.

Twenty minutes later she pulled up behind Diana's car and jumped
out.  She scanned the area searching for Mulder, so frustrated that she
wanted to stamp her foot like a little kid.  She jogged over to the
warehouse trying to estimate where they might have gone in.  There was a
door wide open on one side of the building, she headed for that one.
When she heard a gunshot, and a roar and snarling come from inside she broke
into a dead run, drawing her gun.

She skidded to a halt in the middle of the room, seeing
everything at once.  The main floor was open, with a metal staircase
going up the the catwalk on the second floor.  With no equipment to
clutter up the ground floor, the place seemed enormous.  Off to one side
she saw Mulder and Diana laid out on the floor, Mulder was unconscious,
and Diana was just coming to.  The roar came from the large *man* with
long red blond hair, and a black cloak and hood dangling down his back
that was just breaking the neck of the last thug.

"Freeze, FBI!"  Scully yelled in that voice that demands
attention.  The man with the long hair dropped the body, and spun towards
her, taking a step in her direction.  Scully cocked her gun.  Her eyes
narrowing as she tried to distinguish facial features through his mane of
hair that was obscuring it.

"Don't shoot him!"  Diana cried.

Vincent's step faltered as he stared at the tiny red head
pointing a gun at him.  An image of another woman flashed through his
mind as he fell to his knees, head bowed, effectively hiding his face
once again.

Diana scrambled over to him, "Vincent, you've been shot."

Scully holstered her gun and ran over to the three of them, the
doctor in her taking over.  She checked Mulder first who was coming
around.  While Scully helped Mulder into a sitting position, Diana drew
Vincent's hood over his head again realizing that Scully hadn't gotten a
good look at his face.

Scully decided that Mulder appeared only to have a knock to the
head.  She moved to Vincent a little uncertainly to check him.  "Where
have you been shot?"  She asked as he tried to move away from her.

"It's okay, I'm a doctor."  She looked at Diana who had fear
written all over her face.  "Where's the girl?"  Scully asked.

"Locked upstairs in one of the offices," Diana managed..

"Go and get her out while I check him.  Mulder call an
ambulance," she ordered as he got unsteadily to his feet.

Shaking her head, and muttering something about amateur night,
she pushed Vincent's cloak open, and saw blood coming from a shoulder

"My cel's dead," Mulder announced.

"Get mine it's in the car."

"No ambulance," Vincent rumbled, stopping Mulder in his tracks.

Scully ignored him, intent on checking the wound.  "Clean
penetration," she probed gently, "it doesn't look like it hit the bone,
but I can't tell if it damaged the muscle and tendons."

Vincent grabbed her arm in an iron grip and said more forcefully
"No ambulance."

Scully's eyes were fixed on the fur covered, bloodied hand on her
arm.  Her eyes flew to his face, which was more visible without the hair
covering it, and his hood fell back when he grabbed her.  Her mouth
dropped open as she looked at the catlike features of his face, with very
human eyes staring back at her.  Pain and panic flickered in his eyes,
then died out.

Scully sat staring for a full minute at him, a mix of emotions
flooding through her before she recovered her cool FBI exterior.

"I'm sure the girl will need one, if Diana ever goes to check her
out," Scully said a little shakily, looking pointedly at Diana.

She nodded convinced that they weren't going to kill Vincent, but
refused to leave to check the girl, knowing that once she did there would
be no getting away from her to talk to the agents or Vincent alone.
"What are you going to do?"

"Bind up the wound, if you'll get my bag out of the car."

"I'll be right back," she said touching Vincent's good shoulder
before sprinting out.

"He saved our lives," Mulder said from his position behind Scully.

Scully studied Vincent's face, a million thoughts whirling
through her head.  She had so many questions and so little time.  "You
didn't shoot him in thanks did you Mulder?"  She asked trying to put
Vincent at ease so he wouldn't bolt.

"No, that would be one of those other guys."

"I should go.  My Father can take care of my shoulder."

"If you loose much more blood, you won't make it back to your...
*father*," Scully told him quietly as Diana returned with her medical bag.

"He needs to be gone before the ambulance gets here.  I called
from the car.  You have twenty minutes Agent Scully.  There's an office
though there, with a back door that Vincent can leave by.  I have to go
to Sandy."

Scully looked at Mulder using their silent communication; he
reluctantly followed Diana up the stairs.  "Can you walk to the office?"
She asked Vincent.

He got to his feet, towering over Scully.  She led him to the
office thinking if he couldn't walk the only use she would be to him is as
a cane with his hand on her head.

He perched on the desk that was there.  "Maybe you should sit in
the chair, I can't quite reach..."

Vincent smiled for the first time, softening his features, and
moved to the chair.  Scully unfastened his cloak.  "Can you take your
shirt off?"

"Better not, just cut it open enough to give you access to the

"Alright," Scully got to work.  "What are we going to write in
our report?  Skinner would never believe the truth," she muttered
thinking out loud.

Vincent smirked at her tone, "Who's Skinner?"

Scully smiled, "He's our boss.   I have so many questions for
you."  She said deciding on the direct approach.

"Why, if you aren't going to tell you boss the truth..."

"I'm sure Diana can think of something, she's used to this."

"I didn't mean to get her into trouble, I was just trying to
help.  It seems every time I do someone dies," he said bitterly.

"Agent Mulder and I came her to investigate..."


"I guess so.  We specialize in unusual phenomenon.  Many of these
cases were linked to Catherine Chandler."  Vincent flinched as though she
hit him.  "You were in love with her?"  She asked softly.

"Yes," he whispered.

It was apparent to Scully that he still was.  "Then it was your

Vincent stared at her, his eyes bright with the pain and
memories, and a little bit of awe of the woman fixing his wound.  "Yes,"
he whispered again.

"What happened to it?"  She asked as she tied off the stitches
and began to bandage his shoulder.

Vincent searched her face, but seeing only caring and compassion
there (along with alot of questions), he decided to answer her.  "His
name is Jacob, and he is six years old now."  Vincent was rewarded with
one of Scully's delighted smiles.  He couldn't help but smile back.
"What's your name?"

She looked surprised for a minute.  "Scul... oh, Dana."

"You remind me of her.  You have beauty and a strong spirit like
she did."

Scully blushed a little as she finished tying off the bandage.
"I'm afraid I got a little involved in this case; a thing I am always
reminding my partner not to do.  The things that she went through," she
shook her head.  "No one should have to go through that."

"And to ensure that, you became a doctor and an FBI agent."

Scully looked at him with wonder in her eyes at how perceptive he
was.  "How is it that you were able to save her life and Diana's so many

"Catherine and I had a bond, I knew when she was in danger, I
could feel what she was feeling.  Before she was kidnapped I was having a
difficult time, I almost died," Vincent paused reliving painful memories,
and wondering why he was telling her this.  "I lost my link to her, and
she was taken from me.  As for Diana... my friend Mouse has a police
scanner, I happened to be with him when we heard that she had no back up,
so I came to help.  I didn't know that your partner was with her.  She's
a good friend, she helps us all she can."

"Us?"  Scully asked.  "Are there more of you?"

"There is no one quite like me," Vincent smiled.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean... I just..." Scully stumbled over her

"It's where I live, below.  Society's outcasts, you could call
us.  I live there for obvious reasons, the rest..."

"How many are there?"

"Many.  I tell you this because I want you to understand why you
cannot reveal my presence to anyone.  It's not just to protect myself,
but the others.  And my son.  People are afraid of me, but you and your
partner are not, why is that?"

"The things we've seen... you are much easier to understand than
they are."

He redonned his cloak and drew the hood up.  "I must go now."

Scully was reluctant to let him leave.  "I don't suppose you
would let me drive you somewhere."

Vincent smiled, "I can manage, my shoulder feels as good as new.
You have a soft touch.  I'm grateful that you did it and not my father,
he tends to become irritated with me when I get shot, and isn't so
gentle.  Only because he worries," he said noting her furrowed brow.

"I'm the same way with Agent Mulder," she admitted.

"Well he's got a bump on the head you should look at," Vincent said.

Dana laughed, he might as well have said *sic 'im*.  "Will we see
you before we leave for Washington?"  She asked already knowing the answer.

Vincent shook his head.

"I had to ask," Scully said apologetically.

He headed for the door, "Thank you for keeping my secret."  Then
he was gone.

Whittaker Inn
1:30 p.m.

Mulder was pouting.  "I'm sorry, but he wouldn't stay any longer,
and all the information I could get out of him, I've told you already."

"I wanted to at least get a better look at him, and talk to him."

"I told you everything, he is a very remarkable..." Scully
trailed off.

"Exactly," Mulder said smugly.

"Just go and get us a flight out of here.  Besides, I'm sure if
you were persuasive enough you could convince Diana to get him to talk to

"Just how convincing do you thin I would have to be?"  Mulder
raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Scully tossed a cellular at his head; that he caught; and she
began to pack.

In the air
7:28 p.m.


..upon arrival at the warehouse, both Agent Mulder and Detective Bennett
were down.  The murder suspect fled the scene.  No description other than
a man 6'4 in height, weighing around 200 pounds, is available.  Suspect
wore a hood and cloak.  The men who kidnapped Sandy Cooper were dead, both
Agent Mulder and Detective Bennett suffered blows to the head, with no
lasting repercussions.  The case remains unsolved.

Dana Scully's Personal Journal:

After meeting Vincent, and speaking with him, as well as the
little information that we were able to pry out of Detective Bennett, I
have come to the conclusion that this remarkable man is just that.
Whatever unnatural occurrence that has made his appearance and partial
behaviour the way it is, is unknown.  Diana told us that he himself
doesn't know.  I managed to get a little information about Jacob out of
her, apparently the boy looks as normal as anyone.

I feel that Vincent was justified in telling us as little as
possible about where he lives.  As FBI agents we would be required to
check out possible leads.  He considered us a danger to his way of life,
I'm sure he was right.

I shudder to think of what would happen to Vincent were people to
know of him.  As a doctor I am curious, but after speaking with him and
seeing how human he is, my compassion tells me to let him live his life
any way he can.

Scully saved her file and closed her laptop.  She closed her eyes
and rested her head against the uncomfortable airplane seat.  Feeling
someone staring at her, she opened her eyes and looked at Mulder.  "What?"
She asked.

"I was just wondering what you really thought of Detective
Bennett."  He grinned at her, that little boy grin, that said he knew
something she didn't.

"We stressed her out a little, but I'm sure she's a lovely
person, and a capable detective."

"But didn't you think she was a knock out?"

"She wasn't my type."

"But if you were me..."

"Mulder go jump out a window.  Please!"

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